Vivid Color Orange Unique Floral Sapphire Ring Engagement Ring

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Every piece of our jewelry is made of 100% sapphire and handcrafted by a team of professional craftsmen. We are dedicated to creating the finest jewelry at an affordable price. Our rings are perfect for engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings, or women's fashion rings. We look forward to making a beautiful ring for you!

Our sapphire never loses its beauty and sparkle once it's cut, which is why we offer the following benefits on any piece of our jewelry:


    Total Weight: 9.80g
    14K White Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver


      Center Stone
      Stone Type: Lab Created Sapphire
      Stone Cut: Radiant Cut
      Stone Color: Diamond Orange
      Stone Weight: 4.8 Carat

      Side Stones
      Stone Type: Lab Created Sapphire
      Stone Cut: Pear Oval Brilliant Cut 
      Stone Color: Diamond White
      Stone Weight: 0.64 Carat * 12 pcs